Debra*, a survivor, tells her story..... 

"I was robbed of my childhood, forced to have sex with often up to 20 men a day.  I suffered severe emotional trauma and lived under constant emotional and physical threat. I was isolated and intimidated. I was punished and abused if I misbehaved.  I was lucky enough to get rescued as an adult. I discovered I was pregnant as a result of the exploitation.
I was provided with safe accommodation and medical care through the NRM* system."


Issy's story.....

When Issy became pregnant, she tried to conceal it from her captors for as long as she could. When they found out,she was forcibly taken to an abortion clinic. Issy was desperate to let one of the health professionals know that she did not want to go through with the abortion, but she did not speak their language and she was terrified of the consequences if her abusers saw her attracting attention. However,the clinic refused to perform the abortion without a medical certificate as Issy was in the second trimester of her pregnancy. Issy was returned to the flat where she was being kept and was ordered to continue having sex with her clients until they no longer wanted her. That night, Issy overheard her captors say that they would wait until Issy’s baby was born and then they would take it from her so she could continue working. Issy knew she had to escape. She chose a moment when her captors were distracted and ran out of the house. An older woman saw Issy visibly distressed and took her to a police station.

Reproduced by permission from Hestia- Underground Lives 2018 

In the last 12 months The Lily Trust provided just over 400 toiletry gift packs to vulnerable ladies
and their children just like Debra who have suffered at the hands of their traffickers.

At the point when they are first rescued or escape from their traffickers, The Lily Trust provides essential items, gift bagged to make the ladies feel cared for, together with any essential items for their born/unborn children. Our Resource Manager, Liz, and her team sourced 140 push chairs last year!

*NRM National Referral Mechanism (NRM) 

Registered Charity (England and Wales) No 1167793

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