Spot the signs

If you suspect someone has been trafficked, you can contact the Salvation Army 24 hour Referral Line


call the Modern Slavery line: 08000 121 700

Places where ‘special services’ are offered at a low price often advertised as having particular ethnicity and where the “workers” appear underage or speak no or little English.


Teenage girls who seem unhappy, living with older, unrelated males, who drive them about.

Commercial premises (including restaurants) that survive despite a clear lack of regular business.

Faces that can be seen at windows often looking stressed and never smiling.

Youngsters collected at the school gate by different people each day who are clearly not the parents or grand-parents.

House or flat curtains closed during much of the day.

Price too good to be true?

Low price deals offered at the door involving cheap labour and invariably for cash e.g. offers for a new drive or new paving.​​

Home delivery meals that result in excessive packaging left outside e.g. lots of pizza boxes.


People, usually youngsters or children, who rarely come out of a house except with a guardian and speak little or no English.

Cars or minibuses picking up foreign nationals at unusual times.

Frequent visitors to residential premises, often a stream of men arriving and leaving at unusual times.

Registered Charity (England and Wales) No 1167793

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